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Welcome to Department of Systems Immunology
The Department of Systems Immunology was founded in 2010 when the College of Biomedical Science was first formed in Kangwon National University. Our department is dedicated to global education and research, which is state of the art in biomedical science and technology development and aims to contribute to the enhancement of the cooperation of basic research in the university and bio-network of industry. Research in the department's laboratories is primarily focused on antibody engineering, molecular structure and Immunology, as well as neurodevelopmental biology using zebrafish as animal model. The department is renowned for the fields of antibody engineering and biopharmaceutical development in Korea and laboratory-based research is supplemented by field-based studies of pharmaceutical aspects of those subjects. The professors are opening the classes in English for undergraduate and graduate students and currently recruiting more faculty members who fit in to the scope of our department.
Annual Social Events
  • Tea-Party of faculty members and students in May
  • International conferences on antibodies in November
  • The Night of Systems Immunology in December
  • Student Challenges: Chuncheon marathon, Mountain climbing, National Land March
Pictures of department activity
1. undergraduate students

2. graduate students

3. Annual activities of faculties, undergraduate and graduate students
2011 The first Night of Systems Immunology
2011 The first Night of
Systems Immunology
2012 Chuncheon marathon
2012 Chuncheon marathon
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